Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Medical Aesthetics Clinic offers modern aesthetic procedures for minimizing age dependent wrinkles and lines.

Using latest technological advances based on a multidisciplinary approach in all procedures ranging from hair transplantation and skin applications to beauty and weight losing, the clinic offers services by physicians and expert aestheticians to postpone aging, but not the life.

Hair Transplantation Unit

  • Hair transplantation (with FUT and FUE method]
  • Treatment of hair loss

Weight Losing and Cellulitis Unit

  • Weight losing and treatment of cellulitis with cavitation and RF devices
  • Lypolysis with laser device
  • Weight losing / treatment of cellulitis with mesotherapy and Lipolysis

Anti-Aging Unit

  • Treatment of wrinkle and loose tonus with fractional laser
  • Botox injections
  • Filling injections (single injection)

Treatment of Capillary Varicose Veins with Laser Epilating Unit

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